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The Self-Led Woman

Feb 28, 2022

My ability to channel is something I have had within me from an early age, but something I denied for a long time. 

I finally stepped into my truth and owned this gift fully only last year having mastered it with some of the best spiritual teachers out there. I really fought this gift, by testing it and not trusting in it, in me and my ability, but the more I surrendered the more I was able to truly see this as a gift how it helped me and my clients, where I could fuse it with business and brand strategy to master both the self and the soul. 

In this episode I’ll share some simple techniques to start this journey into channelling and simple steps to connect into your wonderous soul. 

I believe we all have the ability to channel and connect to our spiritual energy, but as we get older we resist this connection and live too much in our heads.  

Channelling helps us to connect with our inner being and bring ourselves back to our true self. It takes time and patience, but once you feel that connection it’s something you’ll have forever and a mentor you’ll always have in your corner helping guide you to your true calling. 🎉 .  


Topics Discussed: 

(01:20) My early experiences of channelling 

(04:36) How I started trusting by ability to channel 

(07:08) Applying it to my everyday life 

(10:34) How messages are often given to you through songs 

(13:29) Why channel?  

(15:00) What true soul work really is 


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