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The Self-Led Woman

Mar 21, 2022

Whether you’re writing copy for your website, emails or a full-on ad campaign, to create REAL engagement your words need to be your own. However, that doesn’t mean you have to write them. 

Working with a copywriter is a powerful process, and on this week’s episode I talk to launch copywriter Cassidy Dickens about how she’s able to write copy for her clients while honouring their unique tone of voice and brand messaging, and her framework to writing authentic copy that sells in a non-sleazy way.  

Cassidy also opens up about her own uncomfortable journey from service provider to soulful entrepreneur, injected all of her into her brand and how, when we see ourselves without our mask, we step into a new version or ourselves.  

We muse about surrendering to that in-between stage in our business, where there’s more questions than answers and we’re not ready for action, to emerging out of the unknown to aligned action, that feels 100% right. 





Check out this week’s episode where we’ll be discussing:  

(03:05) Cassidy’s framework to writing aligned sales copy 

(08:00) Cassidy’s story of letting go a business that no longer served her 

(10:25) How a personal loss can lead to firing her clients  

(16:13) Identifying the in-between stage, you’re growing but not ready for action 


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