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The Self-Led Woman

Mar 29, 2022

What can you offer right now that feels true and good within your business? 

This is a question I had to ask myself when I was in that sticky in-between stage of no longer feeling aligned in my business, but unsure of my next steps and it felt uncomfortable!  

But being in the messy middle doesn’t mean you need to press pause in your business. We can often throw the baby out of the bathwater so to speak when we’re redesigning our business,  but we don’t need to burn the whole damn thing down.  

In this week’s episode, I share my messy middle, and talk about the power of bridging from the old to new and how we can still sell from a place of integrity.  

And how facing into the lack of love in your business takes real courage is actually something that should be celebrated as you shed the old and step into the new.  

Check out this week’s episode where I’ll be discussing:  

(1:20) Redesigning your business and the feelings it brings up 

(03:50) My messy middle  

(08:06) Embracing this stage and seeing it as a success. 


If this speaks to you, send me a DM and let me know what’s going on for you. Looking back on my messy middle I wish I had talked about how I felt more and gained the right support. 

And DM me over on IG at @deborahogrady!  and let me know how this landed with you. 

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