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The Self-Led Woman

Mar 7, 2022

Does your business fulfil you? 

How would you answer this? 

What’s the first word that springs to mind when you think about your work? 

Do you find joy in your work? If not, then this podcast is for you.

In this week’s episode, I’ll pick apart the importance of play within our personal lives, and also in our business, and I’ll take you on a quick soul connection exercise to understand what you need in your business right now. (My clients love it to get back into realignment – and fast). 

Playing energises us so much, yet it is often something we push to the side or dismiss as something children do. However, making play a priority in our lives can have a significant benefit to our soul and how we run our businesses.

We tend to burrow and cover our soul, not living our truest self. And this is something others around you can see. If you aren’t enjoying your work or what you’re doing, your audience will instantly notice this. Your work should be an expression of your soul and your purpose.  

Our soul is a permanent element, yet we de-value it and place it under our warped perceptions of what we think ‘work’ actually is. By doing this we stop ourselves from living the way our soul wants us to both live and play, which in turn can have damaging effects on our wellbeing in all areas of our lives. 

As business owners we’re constantly consumed by work, if you’re not in it, we’re thinking about it. We need to stop and appreciate where we’re at instead of the constant strive. success is based on feeling deeply satisfied in where we are NOW. Taking the time to slow down, shifting the focus towards play and understanding where you find joy and fulfilment will benefit your business in the long run.  


Topics discussed: 

(01:45) How prioritising play can benefit our soul and business  

(04:06) How to define ‘work’ and ‘success’ in our business  

(06:03) An exercise to help recognise how fulfilled your soul is with your work 

(08:21) Applying what you learnt from the exercise to your business  


I’d love to hear how this exercise landed with you, so connect with me here or shoot me a DM over at @deborahogrady!  

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