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The Self-Led Woman

Mar 29, 2022

What can you offer right now that feels true and good within your business? 

This is a question I had to ask myself when I was in that sticky in-between stage of no longer feeling aligned in my business, but unsure of my next steps and it felt uncomfortable!  

But being in the messy middle doesn’t mean you need to...

Mar 21, 2022

Whether you’re writing copy for your website, emails or a full-on ad campaign, to create REAL engagement your words need to be your own. However, that doesn’t mean you have to write them. 

Working with a copywriter is a powerful process, and on this week’s episode I talk to launch copywriter Cassidy Dickens about...

Mar 14, 2022

What unnegotiable rules have you created in your business?  

Because you get to decide how you run your business. 

Ever wondered why that sales system your coach told you to implement felt off?  

Or why you turned that potential client down when you needed the cash?  


It all starts with understanding your values. 


Mar 7, 2022

Does your business fulfil you? 

How would you answer this? 

What’s the first word that springs to mind when you think about your work? 

Do you find joy in your work? If not, then this podcast is for you.

In this week’s episode, I’ll pick apart the importance of play within our personal lives, and also in our...