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The Self-Led Woman

Mar 14, 2022

What unnegotiable rules have you created in your business?  

Because you get to decide how you run your business. 

Ever wondered why that sales system your coach told you to implement felt off?  

Or why you turned that potential client down when you needed the cash?  


It all starts with understanding your values. 

And I don’t mean those three words that sit on someone’s website looking pretty telling people what they care about.  


Understanding your values isn't a tick box exercise it's about understanding the person you are and how you want to live 

In this episode, I’m sharing with you how you can uncover your values and why they should never be authenticity and integrity 🤦‍♀️ 

I've seen huge shifts in my clients when we've uncovered their values, they’ve had that a-ha moment that’s helped them totally reshaped their businesses. 

When we understand ourselves at our very core, it helps us with all sorts of issues we might be experiencing. ‘Not feeling good enough', ‘Imposter Syndrome’, ‘Comparisonitis’ to name a few, because when we know who we are we can feel secure in making our own decisions with an understanding of why we choose to live that way. And that will give you unshakable confidence to stay in your own lane, and create your own rules. 🎉 

Check out this week’s episode where I’ll be discussing:  

(01:17) Understanding what are your values rather than someone else’s 

(03:42) How you uncover your unique values 

(09:47) Identifying your most fulfilled and satisfied moments  

(11:36) Translating your values into rules to live by 


If you’re looking to work deeper on uncovering yours, head over here and claim your free workbook 

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